Wonton Noodle Broth Recipe


Wonton is a food derived from Canton (China), and is a kind of dumplings or processed similar boiled dumplings that have contents like minced meat. Wonton is usually cooked with soup / gravy, soft texture will allow you to eat it, taste his soup with the right taste, it is very suitable at eating with noodles.

Wonton Kuah Noodle Recipe

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200 grams of wet noodles, brewed with hot water, drain
1 small spring onion, cut into 1 cm pieces, for sprinkling
chili sauce to taste

Broth :

2 liters of broth, bring to a boil
5 cloves of garlic, crushed
50 grams of onion Bombay, finely chopped
½ tsp pepper powder
1 tsp soy sauce
salt and sugar to taste
2 tablespoons vegetable oil + 1 teaspoon sesame oil


1 pack of dumpling skin (approximately 20 sheets)
150 grams of ground chicken meat
50 grams of peeled shrimp, puree
2 tbsp of sago flour
⅓ tsp pepper powder
1 small spring onion, finely sliced
salt to taste

How to make

- Sauce: heat the oil, saute garlic and onion until it is fragrant and cooked or wilted. Lift, put into boiling sauce. Add pepper powder, soy sauce, salt, and sugar to taste. Turn the heat down, continue cooking until the spices are soaked.

- Dumplings: mix all ingredients except dumpling skin, stir or stir until well blended. Take ½ tsp dough fill, place in the middle of dumpling skin, then fold, spread the edge of dumpling skin to tighten the folds. Do the same until the dough runs out.
Steam dumplings until the content is cooked or for approximately 15 minutes. Lift, place in a container, pour the soup until dumplings soaked so as not to stick to each other. Set aside.

- Prepare the serving bowls. Divide and place the noodles in a bowl, give dumplings and flush with hot gravy. Sprinkle sliced ​​leeks. Serve hot with chilli sauce.


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