Salad From Malaysia 'Pasembor'


In addition to the main foods, Malaysia also has a typical salad food called Pasembur. Maybe the name sounds a bit odd for a Malay meal, yes. Actually, this food is a combination of Malay-Indian.

For stuffing, used ingredients favored by the Malays like potatoes and grated cucumber that added some types of seafood meat such as pieces of fried crab, squid or other seafood that can be selected according to taste. Then where is the combination of typical Indian recipes? The combination is in the sweet peanut sauce section.

PASEMBOR (rojak penang)

 Ingredients For Sauce : 
2 large simple seeds (hard boiled n blend) 
5 dry cili sprigs (soak n blend fine) 
4 garlic pillowcase (soft blend)
 2 large onion seeds (soft blend)
 1 cup peanuts which have been fried n ranged roughly
 2 brown sugar blueberriessalt taste enough 

First Step : 
- enter the dumplings, dry cili, garlic / big and brown sugar
.- screwed to flat and let a little boil.
 - Enter the salt taste and peanut flavor ranged roughly
.- screwed to flat again, after boiling..close the flame.
 - after the sponge and the vegetables are ready to put in the former field, you can spoon the soup onto it. 

Material contents : 
1/2 kg of wheat flourhandful of taugeh (wash n toskan) 
1 bunch leaf kucai (cut 2 2cm)
 1 small blade of rusted powderfresh shrimp to taste (discard shj head)
- enough water 
- salt taste enough
- .oil for frying 

Next Step  : 
-pench the flour & powder up into the former. chaotic.
 - Put enough water, not too fluid. and mixed
.- enter also, taugeh, leaf chives and salt taste enough
.- leave in 10 min
.- heat the oil in a cauldron.
 -Short order and put a shrimps
- taugeh sufficiently 
 - pea roughly to taste 

Last Step : 
- put tofu, green cili, sambal belacan, taugeh and bean kisar into a former.
 - Flatten flat
.- Last, sprinkle on top of prawn which has been placed in the former dish
.- Set the boiled eggs that have been in hiris.


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